Double Buffered

A Programmer’s View of Game Design, Development, and Culture


I’m Ben Zeigler (JZig) and I have been a programmer in the games industry for the last 5 years. I’ve written databases, launched a few games, designed some combat systems, and fixed a bunch of bugs. I graduated from RPI with a dual degree in Psychology and Computer Science. I was somewhat involved in starting up a game development program there, and if you have an interest in a college with a really solid undergraduate education and a games program, give RPI a look.

This blog is for my own ramblings, opinions, and rants, and nothing here is anything more than my personal opinion. The focus of this blog is going to be on game design, development, and culture, but that’s really broad. Expect me to ramble on about anything vaguely related, and if you’re involved in the games industry, I may mock you with half enthusiasm. Feel free to partake in reciprocal mocking.

All of the posts made before 2008 were copied from an older blog I used to maintain myself: JZigishness. I decided that the name sucked, and I hated running my own site, so I set it up at Archived posts and comments are available at my old site. “Double Buffering” is a graphics technique where you keep two graphics surfaces, and write to one surface while displaying the other one. This stops flickering, and is a good idea in basically all cases. This blog is called “Double Buffered” because I posted a question to Ask Metafilter asking for names, and I liked it the best. Thanks unixrat! I’m too lazy to type up a proper copyright statement right now, but all content here is freely available for any use, as long as this website is properly attributed.

If you want to get in contact with me for link sharing, gossip mongering, or threats, drop me a line at benzeigler at

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